Thursday, 25 March 2010

4 hours to go!! more 4-hour shift and then Yippee! I'm off for eleven whole days! :-)

To pre-empt the jollity I said 'down with housework' when I got out of work today - instead I let rip on the story for Friday Flash Fiction (see yesterday's post) and I'm fairly pleased with it. Maybe just needs a few tweaks before I post it!

Send 'good' vibes for tomorrow - am going to view a house with daughter, who's attempting to reach the first rung of the property ladder!

Then Saturday is Retail Therapy Day (NEC craft show and a trip to Coventry) and then Sunday sees a trip through the quaint Warwickshire countryside for a cream tea!

....and next week, a trip to Carlisle for a certain 'book launch'!


  1. like the picture ;)

    ps i nominated you for a blog award (see my latest post)! you don't have to do anything, but you can post the picture on here if you want ;) xx

  2. Good vibes being sent! And i'll see you next week for the launch. I've been cunning and booked a room at the hotel that the 'after party' is at, so i don't have too far to walk after a few sherries....

    Hope the house is good, hunting is always a nightmare!

  3. Paul - thanks! The vibes worked - daughter put in an offer that was accepted....!

    We're staying at our usual B&B (we visit Carlisle periodically!) so won't have far to stagger, I mean....walk back after the 'do'! See you there, then!