Sunday, 28 February 2010

So, back home from the Emerald Isle - why do holidays disappear faster than morning mist?

I'm really at a loose end - I've caught up with the laundry (apart from a bit of ironing, but that can wait!) and I can't seem to settle at anything! I've noodled around my favourite sites on the web and caught up with TV programmes I missed while I was away - but now I'm just bored!

With the large pile of books awaiting me you'd think it would be easy to occupy myself, but I just can't settle to it. I know what'll happen - about 10 mins before 'himself' walks throught the door after having watched Spurs, I'll get stuck into a 'project' - then it'll all go out of the window as I get a meal ready.....

Oh well, perhaps I can get a head-start on the chores tomorrow and then I've promised myself a session with the books!!! (or maybe get on with some writing.....!)

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