Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dublin Delights! (and dilemmas!)

Really looking forward to getting away for a while - so a few days in Dublin is a welcome break! Although we have a house sitter we decided it was kinder to take Bruce the dog off to kennels - boy, the house seems quiet!

So, a bit of packing and then the really BIG decision has to be made - what reading material to take! I'm about 2/3 way through Steven James' "The Pawn", so that won't last long enough, which means taking another book.....! It's a toss up between, Kernick, Child and Ellory and I really don't know which to plump for - probably Child, as it's a thicker book than the others I have in mind!

So, as we won't be overdoing the 'tourist' thing, I'm looking forward to settling down with a coffee (or a pint!) in a nice Irish pub by the Liffy and get me head stuck into a good book...aaaaahhhh! :)


  1. ....So, here we are in sunny (but very cold!) Dublin. Fitzgerald's and Madigan's have served us traditional fare and the obligatory Guinness - but after the (before) crack of dawn start, I've been too tired to et more than about 60 pages into "Without Fail". Oh well, there's always tomorrow!