Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ah - tomorrow is Friday - the weekend is in sight!!! A strange old week, too - a distinct lack of staff at work and more than enough to do! (and a good proportion of those in higher managerial positions were 'otherwise engaged' when it came to doing said work!!) And flippin' freezin' - the thermometer on the library counter only registered 13C this morning :-o

And yet another day has slipped by and I still haven't got the date sorted out for my stunt-driving course! Oh well, as soon as that's booked in I shall put up the details here and the charity website where I'll be raising money - proceeds to local Air Ambulance. Well, if I'm going to risk life and limb someone might as well benefit! (...and I might need to call on them if one of the stunts goes wrong!!)

Not much time for writing this week, but I'm really getting into 'The Pawn' by Steven James, although the planned couple of hours vegging out reading this afternoon didn't actually materialise, so it's an early night avec le book, then!!! ;-)

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