Sunday, 28 February 2010

So, back home from the Emerald Isle - why do holidays disappear faster than morning mist?

I'm really at a loose end - I've caught up with the laundry (apart from a bit of ironing, but that can wait!) and I can't seem to settle at anything! I've noodled around my favourite sites on the web and caught up with TV programmes I missed while I was away - but now I'm just bored!

With the large pile of books awaiting me you'd think it would be easy to occupy myself, but I just can't settle to it. I know what'll happen - about 10 mins before 'himself' walks throught the door after having watched Spurs, I'll get stuck into a 'project' - then it'll all go out of the window as I get a meal ready.....

Oh well, perhaps I can get a head-start on the chores tomorrow and then I've promised myself a session with the books!!! (or maybe get on with some writing.....!)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dublin Delights! (and dilemmas!)

Really looking forward to getting away for a while - so a few days in Dublin is a welcome break! Although we have a house sitter we decided it was kinder to take Bruce the dog off to kennels - boy, the house seems quiet!

So, a bit of packing and then the really BIG decision has to be made - what reading material to take! I'm about 2/3 way through Steven James' "The Pawn", so that won't last long enough, which means taking another book.....! It's a toss up between, Kernick, Child and Ellory and I really don't know which to plump for - probably Child, as it's a thicker book than the others I have in mind!

So, as we won't be overdoing the 'tourist' thing, I'm looking forward to settling down with a coffee (or a pint!) in a nice Irish pub by the Liffy and get me head stuck into a good book...aaaaahhhh! :)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So - Now I know what redundancy looks like!!!

So -now I know what redundancy looks like!

Today I went to have a look at another library (different local authority) where RFID (self-service machines) were in use. Apart from the initial flurry of activity that new technology brings (ie. showing customers how to use it) I predict that the days will drag for staff who either have nothing to do because the customers can 'do' for themselves, or else ( and I think this is more likely!) the customers will vote with their feet.......!

Of course, we mustn't stand in the way of progress - it's just that I don't think this IS progress!! rant....rant....rant.....

Oh well, I suppose it's incentive to get serious abut this writing lark.........ha ha!

Monday, 15 February 2010

What a day! Busy busy busy! Haven't even looked at a book - want to get The Pawn finished before I go away next week so I can take a 'new' book with me (that'll be a whole different problem - choosing one from the TBR pile!)

DD is currently working her way through 'Domino' - so far so good (or is she just being diplomatic? They're inscrutable, these 'cold readers' !!!)

I have an urge to start writing again - so maybe that's something for Thu/Fri when I'm off work....still trying to crystallise two or three ideas - so it will be interesting to see what comes out!

Have been impressed with some of the stuff on TK&C - although some is a little too dark - even for me!! But there are some very talented writers out there.....maybe I should just give up now!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ah - tomorrow is Friday - the weekend is in sight!!! A strange old week, too - a distinct lack of staff at work and more than enough to do! (and a good proportion of those in higher managerial positions were 'otherwise engaged' when it came to doing said work!!) And flippin' freezin' - the thermometer on the library counter only registered 13C this morning :-o

And yet another day has slipped by and I still haven't got the date sorted out for my stunt-driving course! Oh well, as soon as that's booked in I shall put up the details here and the charity website where I'll be raising money - proceeds to local Air Ambulance. Well, if I'm going to risk life and limb someone might as well benefit! (...and I might need to call on them if one of the stunts goes wrong!!)

Not much time for writing this week, but I'm really getting into 'The Pawn' by Steven James, although the planned couple of hours vegging out reading this afternoon didn't actually materialise, so it's an early night avec le book, then!!! ;-)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Finally - 'The Domino Effect' has been printed out (all 75,057 words of it) and despatched to my tame 'cold reader'!! And I've done a CD copy for a friend at work who has been bugging me to have a read. Let's not hope they are distinctly under-whelmed!

Intriguingly, an idea for a sequel has been simmering on a back-burner for a while. I was wondering whether to pursue that when this morning someone (who has no idea that I've been writing, or about what for that matter!) suddenly said "What happens when the dominoes have fallen down....?" True, they were talking about something completely different, but it got me wondering.....synchronicity and all that!!!???

Friday, 5 February 2010

Latest on the nano-novel! So, the first edit is done - corrected the typos and re-written a few bits to correct the 'gaps'. Tomorrow I will re-print it and then hand it to my dear daughter who has agreed to 'cold-read' it!

Then i will try and forget about it for a while! And I'll indulge myself by attacking the mini-Matterhorn of books which is my TBR pile!


Monday, 1 February 2010

Editing is going well - so far! Am at part/chapter 50 of 58 - but these last ones will need some fleshing out, I the story line doesn't 'jump'!

I think that will best be left until Friday, when I have the day off and time to give my full attention to it!

Meanwhile, slotted around the housework and going out to (paid) work, I'm progressing with Dead Simple. Do you know how hard it is to do things one-handed while still trying to hold a book in the other.....

....and there are all sorts of ideas buzzing in my brain for a further 'instalment' of the nano-novel, continuing with the main characters a few months later.......interesting!