Sunday, 17 January 2010

The world is turning ever fast - good grief, we're over halfway through January!

Sunday evening, contemplating the last week and wondering about the week to come....

I did a lot of writing last week - the nano-novel is on it's way (well, the synopsis and 1st 3k words!) and I've now (very surprisingly!!!) had three pieces on the T,K 'n' C website! And still the ideas pool in my brain! However, the mundane aspects of life still need to be taken care of - washing/cooking/cleaning etc . ! Oh, to give up the 'day job' - others (mainly jealous work colleagues) think I would be bored! But the mind is ever-brimming with ideas.....

Oh well, 'Tomorrow is another day...' (thankyou, Scarlett!) - another blank page yet to be written! G'night, all!

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