Friday, 8 January 2010

Today was supposed to be the day when I caught up with all the boring house-work-type stuff, but I couldn't quite bring myself to 'waste' a whole, precious day off work on that alone!

You guessed - I made the mistake of switching the pc on before I'd got through half of the jobs - and then that was that, so to speak! Half an hour noodling on the internet and then I started tinkering with an idea that had been simmering for a while and before you know it I'm typing away!

Never mind 'flash fiction' this ought to be called 'micro-fiction' as it came in at less than 8C words!! I wonder how low I could go and still have something worth reading? - now, there's a challenge, esp. as I like to use words. 'Micro-fiction' would, by definition, require each word to fight hard for its existance on the page.....hmmmmmm! :-o

Anyway, whether it's long or short, I just love the way my imagination takes over as soon as I start typing and I sometimes have to force myself slow down to get the words out in the right order!

Ha! now that's an idea for a story....a writer 'possessed' by their own imagination and forced to produce a story, but not necessarily what they might have wanted to write! - probably already been done, but then.....

....hold that thought!

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