Friday, 15 January 2010

There's nothing quite like a Friday night! As a schoolchild, it was the start of two whole days away from the classroom. As a teen/young adult - it was THE night out! Now, it's the '...I don't have to set the alarm in the morning!' moment. Aaaah! :-)

Tonight, hubby's away, so daughter and I vegged-out - wine/PJ's/ Dvd (Australia) and we were desperately trying to stay awake from about 9pm onwards! Ultra-relaxed!

Today was also the day I submitted the synopsis and first 3k words for the competition - probably won't hear anything more (short-listers are contacted in June) so, that's that, really! A bit like launching a model boat on the pond and letting it sail off to whatever (mis)fortune it encounters!

And tonight I can start Andrew Grant's 'Even' which turned up just in time, as I finished Mark Billingham's 'Scaredycat' just this morning. Now, that's what I call timing! ;-)

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