Saturday, 23 January 2010

So, halfway through a weekend of dealing with the Great British Public and we've had quite a busy day in the library - footfall was +1,900 - so, we're nearly back up to our former level of business prior to the ASDA supermarket being built across the way and taking out all the carparking! And we do it all again tomorrow! Glee! (?)

I managed to finish off the last 20 pages of Andrew Grant's book, 'Even'. It was an interesting read - I think it finished too quickly. But, we'll see how his next one pans out. It was tricky trying to give it a fair crack, being Lee Child's bro' - very easy to look for and find similarities in the plot! But, ***SPOILER ALERT*** I liked the way each chapter began with a short reference back to the main character's past experiences, setting the tone for how he might deal with the current situation. I don't think it would work on subsequent books in the series, but it was a useful ploy to create backstory.

I was hoping to start Peter James' first book of his Roy Grace series, 'Dead Simple' which by all accounts was winging its way to me from another library, but seems to have got lost in transit! Bummer! So, I decided to go back to a book I started quite a while ago - 'The Pawn' by Steven James, about a serial killer in N.Carolina.

And..... the followers are back! (but for how long.....?)

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  1. you know you love it really...
    ...hmm...well at least many people usually=time speeding by! ;) xx