Saturday, 2 January 2010

Slowly getting backto 'normal'!

So, the Christmas tree and the dec's are packed away and the Christmas cards are ready to go to recycling; virtually all the 'naughty' Christmas food has gone (but not, thank goodness, all the booze!) and younger child departed back to his 'other' home today. So that's Christmas well and truly over and done with !

Come Monday, life will revert back to normal - and hopefully, in between getting the washing and ironing back under control, I'll be able to crack off the last few k's of the NaNo novel! I really hope so, as I can't stand the tension much more!!!

And I'm looking forward to eating a bit healthier, too! I can honestly say that although it's nice to have all sorts of fancy goodies to indulge in, I feel more than a bit sluggish (and it is NOT the alcohol!!!)

So, onwards into 'twenty-ten', then....

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