Thursday, 21 January 2010

OK - this isn't funny.....

So, I got my followers back again. No excuses as to where they'd been (or what they'd got up to! :-o )

But now they've done a bunk again!

Or is it something to do with the night-time hours (are they all secret vampires perhaps.......!) Now, that's a bit spooky!!!

Mr H put in a very brief appearance en route from Hertforshire to Manchester - we pass like ships in the night: he comes home on Saturday and I'm working all weekend !

Anyway, the day has come and gone and I didn't get to do so much editing as I'd planned, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow....and I need to set aside time to finish reading 'Even' (I'm so bushed, I think there's a fair chance I'll fall asleep on top of the book tonight.... zzzzzzzzzzzz)

1 comment:

  1. I think the followers glitch is just that. Something to do with blogger as it upgrades itself. I've had similar probs in the past, but they all come back again. Never fear.