Friday, 29 January 2010

A busy old week - hence it's only now that I'm attempting to add to my blog!

Dramas at the library this week have kept me engrossed! :-o Alas, it's all 'staff-side' so I can't enlighten you, dear reader. However my friend Angela and I are seriously considering the idea of writing a sit-com based on the shennanigans that occur between the shelves. We intend to call it "Off yer trolley!" Watch this space....

But, at last - the weekend approaches! With the house to myself from tomorrow morning I have plans to concentrate on more editing and plenty of time with my feet up reading Dead Simple (Peter James) !

Will also be giving a little thought to the possible 'Crime Evening' in the library we're hoping to run in the near future. We need a snappy title - but someone's already bagged 'The Body in the Library'! ;-p Any other ideas?

We have one well known author who has kindly offered his services, which sort of kick-started the whole thing, and we'll be marking 'body' outlines on the floor, and using crime scene barrier tape, etc. to create the right atmosphere. We might invite a couple of coppers from our local nick to attend, in uniform of course! It could be a good, fun evening - if we can pull it off! (i.e. if 'Management' allow us to do it!)

And talking of things literary - I have managed to book the hound into kennels so OH and I are set fair to trek up to Carlisle in time for Matt Hilton's release of the new Joe Hunter book - 'Slash and Burn' on 1st April. Goody goody!!

Anyway - a few more bits of mundane but necessary chores to attend to and then daughter and I are vegging out for the night with a double-header DVD and a nice meal!

And wine!


  1. How's about 'Booked For their Crimes!'
    'Throw the Book at them!'
    'Reading's No Crime!'

    And for the future keep me in mind for an event. If I can organise things, I'll try and fit something in.

  2. Thanks, Matt - I might hold you to that!!!

    I think Roger Ellory offered because Birmingham is just a stone's throw from Rugby. Still, we need to get it all past 'management' yet!!! (oh joy!)