Friday, 29 January 2010

A busy old week - hence it's only now that I'm attempting to add to my blog!

Dramas at the library this week have kept me engrossed! :-o Alas, it's all 'staff-side' so I can't enlighten you, dear reader. However my friend Angela and I are seriously considering the idea of writing a sit-com based on the shennanigans that occur between the shelves. We intend to call it "Off yer trolley!" Watch this space....

But, at last - the weekend approaches! With the house to myself from tomorrow morning I have plans to concentrate on more editing and plenty of time with my feet up reading Dead Simple (Peter James) !

Will also be giving a little thought to the possible 'Crime Evening' in the library we're hoping to run in the near future. We need a snappy title - but someone's already bagged 'The Body in the Library'! ;-p Any other ideas?

We have one well known author who has kindly offered his services, which sort of kick-started the whole thing, and we'll be marking 'body' outlines on the floor, and using crime scene barrier tape, etc. to create the right atmosphere. We might invite a couple of coppers from our local nick to attend, in uniform of course! It could be a good, fun evening - if we can pull it off! (i.e. if 'Management' allow us to do it!)

And talking of things literary - I have managed to book the hound into kennels so OH and I are set fair to trek up to Carlisle in time for Matt Hilton's release of the new Joe Hunter book - 'Slash and Burn' on 1st April. Goody goody!!

Anyway - a few more bits of mundane but necessary chores to attend to and then daughter and I are vegging out for the night with a double-header DVD and a nice meal!

And wine!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday - thank goodness it's over! I know I don't have to go out to work on Mondays but I seem to spend them catching up with all the things that didn't get done over the weekend (even worse if I've had to work all w/e like this one!)

There's a busy week ahead of me - with a small chink of light on Friday lunchtime when I can kick my shoes off and relax ! Ho hum - won't get any writing done this week, but I can bury my weary head into a book before I zonk out for the night!

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I've been listening to R.J.Ellory's 'A Simple Act of Violence' on audio CD. I've been savouring it - an excellent way to make me get the ironing done!! It's a very intricately plotted yarn, kept me guessing and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Good old daughter, for putting me onto it! There's another Ellory book on the shelves ready and waiting - alas, there is quite a pile of tbr books waiting!!!!

So, I'd better go and 'progress' the current one - The Pawn.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

So, halfway through a weekend of dealing with the Great British Public and we've had quite a busy day in the library - footfall was +1,900 - so, we're nearly back up to our former level of business prior to the ASDA supermarket being built across the way and taking out all the carparking! And we do it all again tomorrow! Glee! (?)

I managed to finish off the last 20 pages of Andrew Grant's book, 'Even'. It was an interesting read - I think it finished too quickly. But, we'll see how his next one pans out. It was tricky trying to give it a fair crack, being Lee Child's bro' - very easy to look for and find similarities in the plot! But, ***SPOILER ALERT*** I liked the way each chapter began with a short reference back to the main character's past experiences, setting the tone for how he might deal with the current situation. I don't think it would work on subsequent books in the series, but it was a useful ploy to create backstory.

I was hoping to start Peter James' first book of his Roy Grace series, 'Dead Simple' which by all accounts was winging its way to me from another library, but seems to have got lost in transit! Bummer! So, I decided to go back to a book I started quite a while ago - 'The Pawn' by Steven James, about a serial killer in N.Carolina.

And..... the followers are back! (but for how long.....?)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

OK - this isn't funny.....

So, I got my followers back again. No excuses as to where they'd been (or what they'd got up to! :-o )

But now they've done a bunk again!

Or is it something to do with the night-time hours (are they all secret vampires perhaps.......!) Now, that's a bit spooky!!!

Mr H put in a very brief appearance en route from Hertforshire to Manchester - we pass like ships in the night: he comes home on Saturday and I'm working all weekend !

Anyway, the day has come and gone and I didn't get to do so much editing as I'd planned, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow....and I need to set aside time to finish reading 'Even' (I'm so bushed, I think there's a fair chance I'll fall asleep on top of the book tonight.... zzzzzzzzzzzz)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where did they go to....?

All my followers have vanished off my blogpage....! This raises a few questions:

Where are they?
Who took them?
Did they go willingly?
Are they being held for ransom?
Will I find their mangled corpses lying in a ......

Oh, now come on! I'm starting to sound like a murder mystery! :-o

Strange tho' ! Spooookeeee!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The world is turning ever fast - good grief, we're over halfway through January!

Sunday evening, contemplating the last week and wondering about the week to come....

I did a lot of writing last week - the nano-novel is on it's way (well, the synopsis and 1st 3k words!) and I've now (very surprisingly!!!) had three pieces on the T,K 'n' C website! And still the ideas pool in my brain! However, the mundane aspects of life still need to be taken care of - washing/cooking/cleaning etc . ! Oh, to give up the 'day job' - others (mainly jealous work colleagues) think I would be bored! But the mind is ever-brimming with ideas.....

Oh well, 'Tomorrow is another day...' (thankyou, Scarlett!) - another blank page yet to be written! G'night, all!

Friday, 15 January 2010

There's nothing quite like a Friday night! As a schoolchild, it was the start of two whole days away from the classroom. As a teen/young adult - it was THE night out! Now, it's the '...I don't have to set the alarm in the morning!' moment. Aaaah! :-)

Tonight, hubby's away, so daughter and I vegged-out - wine/PJ's/ Dvd (Australia) and we were desperately trying to stay awake from about 9pm onwards! Ultra-relaxed!

Today was also the day I submitted the synopsis and first 3k words for the competition - probably won't hear anything more (short-listers are contacted in June) so, that's that, really! A bit like launching a model boat on the pond and letting it sail off to whatever (mis)fortune it encounters!

And tonight I can start Andrew Grant's 'Even' which turned up just in time, as I finished Mark Billingham's 'Scaredycat' just this morning. Now, that's what I call timing! ;-)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Well, another day done and dusted!

I did my voluntary 'stint' at BEC then had a couple of hours at home before I headed into the 'fun' commonly known as Rugby Library!

It was quiet, due to the bad weather, but a few 'die hards' made their way in!

I entertained a couple of the girls I work with by letting them have a sneak preview of my latest flash-fiction - 'Act of Mercy'. Now they are looking at me with sidewards glances......!

I resisted the urge to get out a Jack Kerley novel ('The Broken Souls') - but succumbed to ordering Andrew Grant's 'Even' (and Jack Kerely's first novel - 'The Hundredth man' !) - exactly when I am going to get around to reading these is anyone's guess! I have a pile of books I want to read but I never seem to find time to read them! Perhaps I should curtail my time on-line..... nooooooo!

Oh well, the week is not quite half-way through, I need to pencil in some reading time!! Sounds like a plan!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I had plans to finish the Mark Billingham book I have on loan from the library but I still have about 150 pages to go - so that's tomorrow's job!

I have another flash fiction just about done - just trying to find the right title. I'm quite enjoying these short stories, although it's hard to get the whole plot and characters squashed into a low word-count! Still, it keeps the brain active!

Another job for tomorrow is to tighten up the 3k words for the competition - and sort out the synopsis!

So, it's an early start tomorrow and get the boring stuff out of the way so I can make the most of having the house (and the quietness!) to myself! I will try and resist switching the pc 'on' until after mid-day. (...yeah, right!!!)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Today was supposed to be the day when I caught up with all the boring house-work-type stuff, but I couldn't quite bring myself to 'waste' a whole, precious day off work on that alone!

You guessed - I made the mistake of switching the pc on before I'd got through half of the jobs - and then that was that, so to speak! Half an hour noodling on the internet and then I started tinkering with an idea that had been simmering for a while and before you know it I'm typing away!

Never mind 'flash fiction' this ought to be called 'micro-fiction' as it came in at less than 8C words!! I wonder how low I could go and still have something worth reading? - now, there's a challenge, esp. as I like to use words. 'Micro-fiction' would, by definition, require each word to fight hard for its existance on the page.....hmmmmmm! :-o

Anyway, whether it's long or short, I just love the way my imagination takes over as soon as I start typing and I sometimes have to force myself slow down to get the words out in the right order!

Ha! now that's an idea for a story....a writer 'possessed' by their own imagination and forced to produce a story, but not necessarily what they might have wanted to write! - probably already been done, but then.....

....hold that thought!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A first.....!

Well, I had a go at the flash-fiction - the result of lying awake at four in the morning! Plotting stories seems the way forward as I venture in the land of Insomnia....!

And, amazingly, it was accepted and posted on the "Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers website!!! :-o

So if you want to see (and look at all the other goodies there, while you're at it!!!!) just click here

Maybe I'll have another go at this! Now, what was that plot I was thinking of in the early hours of this morning ......

Monday, 4 January 2010


Success - I managed to get to the end of the story - hauled it in at 74,067 words!

Now I shall ease my mind away from it for a couple of weeks and then go back and do a bit of editing. Not that I shall be giving up writing - I'm going to have a bash at that flash-fiction stuff - have had a few ideas bouncing around in my brain that I'd like to explore...... :-)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Slowly getting backto 'normal'!

So, the Christmas tree and the dec's are packed away and the Christmas cards are ready to go to recycling; virtually all the 'naughty' Christmas food has gone (but not, thank goodness, all the booze!) and younger child departed back to his 'other' home today. So that's Christmas well and truly over and done with !

Come Monday, life will revert back to normal - and hopefully, in between getting the washing and ironing back under control, I'll be able to crack off the last few k's of the NaNo novel! I really hope so, as I can't stand the tension much more!!!

And I'm looking forward to eating a bit healthier, too! I can honestly say that although it's nice to have all sorts of fancy goodies to indulge in, I feel more than a bit sluggish (and it is NOT the alcohol!!!)

So, onwards into 'twenty-ten', then....