Thursday, 10 December 2009

Where did today go...

Ok - who stole today? I want it back, right now!

It took me ages to get going this morning - I half-did so many jobs and never seemed to accomplish much!

I had a brief sojurn into the world of Nan0 and managed to rustle up about 1200 words, and I think I'm now onto the penultimate scene!

Then, I had to call into work for a meeting (on my day off!) but the silver lining in that particular cloud is that not only do I now have a copy of R.J.Ellory's 'A Simple Act of Violence' on CD audio (so I can see what a little friend of mine has been raving about...!) but I also have Matt Hilton's newie, "Judgement and Wrath" which I promised myself for after NaNoWriMo! (big grin!) - so I shall declare that there will be a few days of indugence!!!

And the big-action-sequence-showdown scene might have to wait until the weekend.....! (maybe)


  1. meetings on your day off? a world of wrong.
    i watched "beyond borders" this afternoon, i seem to have stolen it off you, i'm sorry - will return it tomorrow! ;) and am now in doris day pj's drinking tea and eating chocolate.
    getting the hang of this recovery business :p
    enjoy the books! xxx

  2. It was a non-work related meeting - organising Carol singing for next week!

    You really do hang with the cool kids - DD pj's, tea, AND chocolate? :-o