Wednesday, 9 December 2009

OK - I'm getting there...

I set aside today for writing - and that's pretty much what I've done, apart from caffeine breaks and a few journeys to the back door to persuade the dog it might be a good idea to go out and "do" what needs to be done!

So the Nano-novel is drawing to a close - currently 67k (well, OK - actually 66,996 to be precise!) - and I just have two or three more "scenes" to go! I'm hoping a night out will clear my brain ready to tackle it tomorrow - who knows, it caould all be over (bar the screaming / editing / re-writes) in twenty-four hours!!!

And what will I do with myself wine and settling down with a good book seems like an obvious choice! I have a Mark Billingham' on the go and a couple of Simon Kernick's waiting, plus some of Lee Child's 'Reacher' series. But I'm hoping to start Matt Hilton's newie - "Judgement and Wrath" - I read the first one "Dead Men's Dust" and it was mindblowing - so, I wanted to wait until I could give 'J&W' my undivided attention!

Like I've said before: so many little time....!


  1. I love books, so I know that feeling. I keep collecting them faster than I can read them and now that I have run out of shelf space, I'm trying to slow down the buying and just catch up on the reading. Red wine and a book sounds like Heaven.

    To answer the question you left on my blog:

    I have to say coming off the adrenaline high was tough. I was in the write, write, write mode. I've slowed down a great deal and I am pursuing the rewrites on the Nano-novel. I'm straightening out the plot, cleaning scenes, deleting pieces that don't work, etc. I love final edits, but I'm no where close to that yet, so I will keep going as I am.

  2. Hi Sue, I really, really hope that J&W doesn't let you down. I loved writing this one, and everyone who's read it have seemed to enjoy it as well. Fingers crossed you'll love it too.

    By the way, in your next blog you mention RJ Ellory. I recently read his 'A Quiet belief In Angels' and it was fabulous.