Monday, 7 December 2009

monday, monday...

Well - I FINALLY got back to my Nano-novel! This was after putting up the remaining Christmas dec's - yes, I know it's very early - but as dear daughter wanted to put the tree up at the weekend and I had the boxes littering the place I thought I might as well go ahead and put up the garlands, too. So now it is all looking very Yuletide-ish, with greenery and lights....!

I attacked the housework (well, some of it!) but this afternoon I declared an amnesty on myself and slipped the USB key into the PC and went back to the murder, mayhem and other shennanigans that is my Nano-novel!

Oh, it was like meeting up with old friends again....well, it's about a week since I last did anything useful on it! The current word count stands at 61,481, but there's at least six chapters left, probably at least another 10-15k. And then that's the first draft finished.

The plan is to leave it to 'stew' over the Christmas break and go back to it with fresh 'editing' eyes in January!

I quite like this writing business (so far!) - if I could secure enough income to give up the day-job I'd be like a pig in ****! Dream on!

Oh well, a quick break and then back to the plot!!

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