Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Great hopes....

I had great hopes of getting the nano-novel to the finishing line yesterday - alas, a number of interruptions put paid to that! I anticipate it will be finishhed in the near future, but I refuse to be drawn of declaring it will be done this side of Christmas - but who knows!

Anyway - it is in the very final stages and the storyline and memorable 'lines' are safely stored away in my mind, just waiting for that valuable resource known as 'a spare five minutes' to be located!

The library could have better been described as a 'morgue' this evening - I actually had a half an hour with no-one using the comupter suite (but if you don't tell anyone, I spent the half hour having a noodle around the 'Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers blogspot to read the stories there! And maybe think about submitting something myself!)

Still, one more day at work and then not back until 30th! So, am looking forward to the Christmas break - hoping there will be time for getting my feet up and reading the pile of books I have on the 'go' and drinking vast quantities of red wine - stuff the turkey!!!!

Merry Christmas, anyone who drops by to read this - and happy New Year!

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