Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Books, books, books....

I'm really getting into Matt Hilton's "JaW" - trying not to rush it........! (That's 'Judgement and Wrath, not his actual mandible! )

But I have a pile of books I've yet to read - perhaps if I didn't have to go out to work or gave up eating or washing (oooo noooo!) or sacrificed my love of writing, then maybe (but it's a big MAYBE!) I might stand a chance of getting to the bottom of said pile. Then, today, I get another suggestion from one of the reading forums I log onto - the 'Roy Grace' series by Peter James! I ask you, it's bad enough I see all these good books at work in the library but now my fellow forumites are adding to the list.....!

Oh well, I shall not be bored in old age - assuming I get to the end of the pile before I retire..!

The Nano-novel is grinding towards the last few pages - but will it be done by Christmas.....?

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