Saturday, 5 December 2009

....and she's off !!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and set up my blog!

This may prove a useful space to add my wit and comments on all the strange and crazy things that happen in my life!

Who knows how many hours I can now waste (ahem!) here?

Well, I did warn the kids I wouldn't go quietly - I have no intention of launching into comfy slippers and vegging out in front of the the "box" (although an occasional deviation into that scenario may arise at some point!) - so, dear reader, you have been warned!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Sue, and I look forward to hearing your musings. Love the title by the way - very apt.

  2. attempt number 2 after the internet seems to have eaten my first comment :p
    welcome to the blogosphere! be prepared to waste hours and hours and hours stalking complete strangers and compiling an ever-growing list of projects to adapt, recipes to try, books to read, places to go, and websites to look at - all of which you will have no time to do because all your available time will be used up by blogging and reading blogs and thinking about blogs and...well, you get the picture ;)
    mwah! xxx