Saturday, 26 December 2009

All done and dusted...

...well, almost! So that's another Christmas Day kicked into touch, then!

We ventured out (and found the roads weren't as bad as predicted!) to Christmas Morning service, reminding us of the real 'reason for the season'. It was a last chance to sing carols, too!

Then back for lunch - feeling grateful that we were able to enjoy good food in warmth and comfort (and with good company!)

Then came present-opening (interrupted by the Queen's speech, of course!)

Amongst all the lovely pressies I received I got the one I'm most excited about (esp. as the family were very quiet after dropping various hints, so I thought they'd decided against it)
- a one-day STUNT-DRIVING course! :-)

So I shall be learning how to do hand-brake turns, j-turns, skids, two-wheelers etc. and a high-speed action chase....! hee hee hee!

(well, that might help with the old writing, - give a little more authenticity......! I'd better not ask for a weapons experience course next...;-p)

So, now it's Boxing day - otherwise known as 'bubble & squek' day in this household! (I get told to make sure I cook 'too many' vegs, JUST so there's plenty left over...!)

Haven't got to the stage where I can sneak away and enjoy a good book yet - but it's nice to have all the family together, so I can wait.

......and....... YAAAAAY! STUNT-DRIVING !!!! :-)

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